Farmers' Market Foodshare/EBT Programs

What is EBT?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and is the electronic system allowing FoodShare benefits to be issued. FoodShare recipients can use their Quest card to electronically pay for food purchases. At the market, FoodShare recipients swipe their Quest card and receive tokens to purchase approved items.

To create a healthy food environment, all residents should have access to fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets. Thanks to generous financial investments from the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Basic Needs Giving Partnership and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan along with strong collaboration between Live54218, farmers' markets, UW-Extension, WIC and many more, an infrastructure to accept FoodShare benefits through the use of an EBT machine is in place at a variety of markets in the Greater Green Bay Area.

The five farmers' markets accepting EBT also offer an incentive program called Double Your Bucks (DYB). When recipients use their Quest card to shop at participating markets, they receive DYB tokens to match the amount they spend - up to $10 -­ for locally grown fruits and vegetables. The Double Your Bucks program is free to FoodShare recipients and is made possible in 2016 by a sponsorship from Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS).

Farmers' Markets Currently Accepting EBT:

For specific market information, please visit the following Farmers' Market websites.

Want to learn more? Check below for additional helpful resources.

For EBT/Foodshare Recipients

What is EBT and DYB?- Learn how EBT and Double Your Bucks (DYB) tokens can be used at the markets.

SNAP, WIC, and Senior FMNP Information - Learn more about these benefits and how to utilize them at local Farmers' Markets.

For Farmers' Markets

Farmers' Market Vendor Information - Why accept EBT tokens? Find out here.

Farmers' Market Cashier Training - Training information for market cashiers.

Check out the great media coverage on EBT and Double Your Bucks Programs offered at the farmers' markets through this Fox 11 Double Your Bucks News Story.

What To Look For

EBT Token

These tokens can be used to purchase FoodShare approved goods at the local farmers' markets.

Double Your Bucks Token

This FREE token can be used to purchase locally grown, fresh fruits & vegetables.

EBT Vendor Sign

Look for this sign to find out which vendors accept EBT.