Critical Mass Ride

Largest community ride in the Green Bay. Your safety is our utmost concern!

Meet at City Deck, ride at a conversational pace for 10-12 miles. Bring a light!
See Code of Conduct below…

If you've never participated in Critical Mass before, please go over the simple instructions listed below:

1 This ride belongs to all of us. Take care of it.

2 Keep the pace/speed being set by the ride leaders at the front of the group. This is not a race.

3 Stay in the right lane whenever possible.

4 Please DO NOT show aggression to vehicles. Drivers may sometimes show their frustration by honking or yelling at the mass. Please ignore them and keep the peace.

5 Drinking is not recommended during the ride. Please save drinking for after. Riding while intoxicated is not safe for you or other riders around you. Also please don't litter.

6 Please do not ride recklessly. Have fun during the ride but please don't ride in a way that is unsafe for other riders around you.

7 Have fun and know that each rider represents the entire mass. Help us work to keep a good reputation with the city and drivers that share the road with us.

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Thu August 2017 8:00PM CDT

Thu August 2017 10:00PM CDT