Active Community Environments

An active community enables physical activity in the daily routine of all its residents. It does this by designing the built environment – the man-made environment around us – to ensure safety and accessibility for all people, resulting in opportunities that improve health outcomes, transportation options, and social capital within the community.

Greater Green Bay Active Communities Alliance

First convened in December 2012 around a local workshop to assess and implement active community environment strategies, the Greater Green Bay Active Communities Alliance (GGB ACA), formally the Green Bay Active Communities Alliance (GB ACA), has evolved and seen a number of successes. This group meets bimonthly, with active attendance by approximately 20 individuals. We have recently added a workgroup meeting (active attendance of 12 individuals) on the off month to maintain momentum and leverage the excitement around this work. The goal is to build a more active and connected community, with a strong focus on placemaking and improved walkability/bikeability. We try to structure our bike/ped work around the 3Es when possible – engineering, education and enforcement.

The original geographic focus of the GGB ACA (then the GB ACA) was the City of Green Bay with representation from the City, Brown County, and interested advocates and groups. Through our work over the last several years, it has become increasingly evident that in order to truly build a connected community, we need to ensure there is municipal representation beyond the City of Green Bay limits. In 2017, the group expanded its focus and membership to include leaders and advocates across Brown County.

Wisconsin Active Communities Alliance (WACA)

WACA is leading the way state-wide to create more active, connected communities. To learn more about WACA and the 4 strategies to create a more active community visit the WACA website!


Active Community Design

Check out our Active Communities resource: Healthy Community Design for more information about making Brown County an Active Community Environment!