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The Journey to Creating a Healthy and Well Greater Green Bay

Live54218 began on the pages of the Green Bay Press Gazette after a 2010 editorial campaign challenged readers to "Think Bold" about improving the community. The leading reader-submitted idea was concern over the childhood obesity epidemic, which led to the Greater Green Bay Chamber convening a group of community champions to formulate a local approach to solving this issue. The idea quickly grew to include a focus not only on youth, but on people of all ages. In February of 2011, a white paper was published, establishing Live54218 as hub for obesity prevention efforts countywide.

From an educational campaign on how to live 5-4-2-1-8; to shaping priorities around the active environment; to activating schools, businesses and farmers around shared goals for a strong local food system - the last six years have shaped our role as a convener, connector and catalyst not just around obesity prevention, but around health and quality of life. Our team is dedicated to amplifying our strengths as a community and supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations working to improve health and well-being for all our Greater Green Bay neighbors.

The GROW Project: Greater Green Bay Re-Imagining Our Well-Being

Since the formation of Live54218, not only has our community had a number of wins in the health and well-being space - but we also improved our ability to engage residents and tell our story. We set out with the vision of making our community the healthiest in the nation, and as the first chapter of our work drew to a close it became clear that to have greater, lasting impact, we need to evolve and bring our collective strategies to scale.

The GROW Project is a new model for having a measurable impact on health and well-being and brand Greater Green Bay as an active, thriving place. It is a movement that capitalizes on our strengths as a catalyst for community action and our knowledge of the science of well-being to better understand the community, by looking beyond traditional performance measures or economic indicators and using a new model to gain an understanding of how all of these factors interact and affect quality of life for all who call Greater Green Bay home.

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To learn more about how Live54218 originally began in 2010 as 'Greater Green Bay: Where Kids Count' and see the original taskforce members, download:

Kids Count White Paper

To understand more about how Live54218 operates and how Brown County can bring about large-scale social change as it pertains to the obesity epidemic, download:

Collective Impact

Statewide Movement

Live54218 not only works in Brown County, but also partners with organizations across Wisconsin to strengthen the statewide movement for obesity prevention. To learn more about this statewide movement, check out healthTIDE.

Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity State Plan

You can also visit the Department of Health Services for additional resources.

*Live54218 is part of a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organzation. Any donations made to Live54218 are tax-deducitble*

Our Community

The Greater Green Bay area, defined jurisdictionally as Brown County, consists of a population of 254,586 residents across 13, townships, 9 villages, and 2 cities. The county is the 4th largest in the state, housing the state's oldest and 3rd largest city (Green Bay), which comprises half of the County's population. It is considered the economic driver for Northeast Wisconsin and a magnet for young families. The Fox River cuts through the heart of the community from north to south and opens into the Bay of Green Bay, providing a large port and shaping both the economy and the way of life for our community.

Partners' Reports

Similar to an annual or donor's report, our Partners' Reports details our work throughout the past fiscal year and our plans for the future!

Live54218 Partners' Report 2015

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