Community Health

Working at the community level to promote healthy living and prevent chronic disease brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people in need. It also helps to reduce health gaps caused by differences in race and ethnicity, location, social status, income, and other factors that can affect health.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to learn more about what makes a healthy community.

Measuring our impact is core to the vision of Live54218.

We are continually working to measure the health of our county and to make that information available to the community! We do this because it is important to know where we are now so that we can measure our success as a community along our journey to becoming the healthiest community in the nation.

2016 Health of Wisconsin Report Card

The Health of Wisconsin Report Card measures the state's progress towards meeting two overarching goals of the Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 State Health Plan: (1) to improve health for all and (2) to eliminate health disparities.

Wisconsin State Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan

Healthy Wisconsin is an initiative led by Healthiest Wisconsin 2020, which is our 10-year state health plan. The report contains information on current Wisconsinite health and outlines goals for continued health improvement in the communities we live, work, and play.

Brown County Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

We have been working since 2012 to compile a comprehensive countywide assessment and make that information available to YOU! We are very excited to announce that the 2014 Brown County Behavioral Risk Factor Survey is finally available!

A number of interesting key findings arose from the 2014 Brown County BRFSS, including health outcome and behavior data that will help direct the work of Live54218.

2014 Brown County BRFSS: Key Findings

2014 Brown County BRFSS: Full Report

Reports and Data Sources

Check out some additional information available on the health of our community. These reports and data sources tell us about current state of Brown County, WI.

2017 County Health Rankings

2016 County Health Rankings

  • Nearly 30% of adults in Brown County are obese; Brown County ranks 34 out of 72 counties for Health Outcomes, and 25 out of 72 for Health Factors.

2016 Brown County LIFE Study

  • A Healthy Life is one of the 10 areas this study addresses, finding that Healthy Lifestyles and Obesity are an area of concern in Brown County

2012 Brown County 20/20:Envisioning the Future

2011 Brown County LIFE Study

2011 Brown County Community Health Improvement Plan

  • Highlights adequate, appropriate and safe nutrition as a key priority for our County